Pain is a strange emotion, no one wants to feel it; Yet when it comes to pain, one can’t deny it.
Or at least one can’t deny it for long. No matter how much one tries to suppress pain; it always finds a way back.
Maybe because pain is the most faithful emotion to the human race. Even if it had been tucked away for weeks, months or even years it is bound to find its way back.

And the discomfort will be such that you will want to hide it again. You will try to hide it under the pile of old papers or in that corner of the attic. Hoping to never see it again. But then someday it will come. Yes, It will come peeping out of those old photographs or from that dust in the attic. And then you will realize that pain is not the thing that you can postpone from season to season. And the best way to deal with it is to acknowledge it and face it.

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