Finding Love on a dating app,
Often leads you to experience some crap,
Your love life depends on an accept or decline,
Which my generation does without any obvious sign,
Now you get that finding love is a to and fro game,
Where love seems to be just so lame.

It requires for a lot of interests received and sent,
Which is today’s version of time well spent.
Often you don’t like someone’s face,
Or the guy’s eyebrow has no space.
The colors of the background,
Decide what will come around.

Then there are days when you are rejected like shit,
And you decide this is it.
But one fine day while you are feeling plain bore,
You go back to check your compatibility score.
As you are back,
You reconsider that guy without the eyebrow gap.

Between so many visitors and your last seen,
A true connection is lost in between.
Then you wonder where is cupid,
Or did he just become so stupid.
Does he still carry his arrow?
While he promises love today and tomorrow.

Finding love on a screen where we are hooked,
When did my generation become so crooked?