Healing takes time. May be a very long time. When parts of you will start healing it may feel overwhelming. You will need to take rest whenever it feels exhausting. Don’t worry by resting for a day or two, your healing won’t go back. It’s a process and it will keep going at its own pace. You will know if you are at the right track, even with the discomfort. Don’t worry your gut will know it.

It won’t be a linear process. One day you will feel like smiling and the next day you may feel anxious. It’s OK. Its normal. Remember there will be triggers, even on the days you least expected. Don’t forget that you have decided to keep moving on your journey towards healing. And you need to take out time to take care of your emotional self.

It’s not a luxury. If you were ever damaged, you know it’s a necessity. It’s a necessity to take care of your emotional being. It’s a necessity to love your inner child. It’s a necessity to be a parent to your inner child. Yes, it’s a necessity.