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Who am I
A writer, a photographer, a lover, I love the carnations and the rains; I love the full moon, the sea and everything in between. I am someone who has always been fascinated by the magic of words. And soon came a time in my life when I started to weave poetry of my own. I like to express myself beautifully and is a space where I would like to explore this further.

How it started
Writing being my first love I started writing with local publications, then wrote for The Tribune as a contributing journalist for their weekly supplement. I enjoy doing new things and have done a couple of radio shows with All India Radio as an announcer. I also have a witty side to myself which comes alive through my anecdotes that have been published with Readers Digest India magazine.

Some of my published work here

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Other Details
• My day starts with music and sipping onto some coffee.
• My day ends with poetry and checking social media feeds.
• I can often be spotted reading something on my mobile or ogling on to the latest available lip shades.

Contact Me
I would love to hear from you, if you would like to talk about the magical world of poetry, or any other thing you are passionate about you can contact me at

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