I think I need some advice today. But then, I feel I don’t have anyone to look up to. Yet I feel I have learned a lot from my past. So, my younger self needs to look up to me today for advice. But then she can’t because I can’t go back in time. Oh, the ironies of life 😊.

Still I will jot down some points that I have learned in my journey and I think, I need to remember for my journey ahead. Who knows a few years from now I will come back to this page and look for the advice my younger self gave to her younger self?
Maybe the advice will still stay valid.
Maybe not.
Who knows?

Don’t be afraid to take decisions.
Even if something goes wrong,
remember bad decisions are a part of a good life.

Don’t take people for their face value.
Take time to see the real in others.

Even if you are scared.
Do it anyways.

Don’t be afraid to feel what you feel.

What you feel is right,
even if it doesn’t feel right to those around you.

vo suufī kā qaul ho yā panDit kā gyaan,
jitnī biite aap par utnā hī sach maan.
Nida Fazli

Write a lot even if it’s not going to be published
It’s for you first then anyone else.

Think less.
Overthinking will only make things worse.

Take care of your health
You have to live in your body till the time you are here.
How can you be so careless?

When a friend decides to unfriend you,
don’t try to change their decision.
This can do more harm than good.
I am not talking about social media; I am talking about real life.

If someone for no reason started being mean to you.
Ignoring you, giving you silent treatment, belittling you.
Trust me you are better off without them.
Yes, even if they are your closest pals.

If something or someone doesn’t feel right.
They are not right.

Don’t explain yourself to others.
If you think there’s someone whom you have to explain often.
Run away, they will make your life hell.

If someone tells you that they love you.
But that can’t be seen in their actions.
They don’t love you, accept it.

If you see those red flags in your date.
Leave them there itself.
Don’t even think of another date,
phone call, Instagram like etc.

Don’t give them so many chances.
Those chances can be dangerous.
Once they have betrayed you, they can do that again.

Be kind.
But don’t forget yourself too.
You are as important to the world.