I was still a fetus,
It was not me but the two of us.
I was in the womb,
And happiness was the warmth of that cocoon.

Soon I was born,
The chord was also torn.
I was in their lap,
Happiness was their gentle tap.

Then came my teacher,
She was a beautiful creature.
She gave my esteem a height,
And happiness was to hold her tight.

Those were my friends,
That friendship seemed too intense.
I was always on the cloud,
And happiness was to laugh out loud.

There came the lover,
It there was pain he could cover.
There were words of affection,
And happiness there was this satisfaction.

But I realised happiness is not in the relation you find,
Its something deep down inside.
I am tied to these so tight and dense,
These feelings seem so intense.

There is some hesitation in itself,
Yet I agree I have a relation with myself.
I have to love myself I know,
and it should be enough to make me glow.