A Wish

“If you can be granted just one wish, what will it be?”
“I will go into the past and kill my father before he marries my mother.”
“Be careful of what you wish for, Sia.”
“No, I am sure this is my only wish. If I kill that man before he marries my mother,
I will be able to save her from so much of pain.”

That night at the magical hour, she went back to 1989 to kill the man she abhorred.
It was his wedding day; she saw him smiling at a distance . “How happy he is. He doesn’t know, I will end his game before it even begins,” she mumbled.

Next day she woke up and realised no one was able to see her or hear her voice. Her friend’s words echoed in her ears.

“Be careful of what you wish for, Sia.”