Women’s day came and went away. Some friends wished me, some didn’t. While  I replied to some of those wishes, some wishes I missed. Reason being, I was a bit confused. Isn’t everyday my day. Then why choose just one day to be happy.

Yes it was nice to feel special yesterday. But just wanted to remind my women friends that we deserve to be happy even on the 9th of March and 10th of March and every date of those 365/366 days that the year gives us.

So, I asked my friends what makes them really happy. Their replies were as expected. They could find happiness in their day to day lives. And a special day was not needed to claim it.

Let me share what they said.

Chandana Roy  @chandanaroy24

I love my family, can’t do without them.  Also my time with nature when I have a camera ready to capture the moments, those are my happy hours. One more thing that adds onto my happiness is to make sure that my phone’s notifications are on mute.

Pri… @aimable_pri

Love and care of my loved ones, that’s what makes me happy.

Navanita Varadpande  @VpNavanita

Ensuring that my loved ones come back home to a cosy hearth fulfils me. Reading and writing too increases my happiness quotient. Writing is a cathartic process that fills my heart with joy. Reading catapults me into the lives of others, with whom I experience emotions aplenty, this satiates my heart.

Anjali B @MsAnjaliB

Creating makes me happy – writing and making art. Reading fulfils me – whether it’s books or news or even messages from loved ones. Working enriches me – feeds my independence without which I am nothing. Loving grows me – the love I have for myself and my people.

Chinmayee Gayatree Sahu @ChinmayeegG

Heartfelt and intellectual conversations make me happy.  Some other things are tea, music, travel, simple yummy food and books.

Priyanka @pri_silver

Creating something meaningful with the hope of uplifting someone’s spirit is what makes me happy.

Archie Royal @archieroyal2

Conversations with loved ones.  Also intellectual talks over chai.

RajaShree @defiantsunfloer

Happiness is my default mode. Touchwood…… Don’t ask me what makes me sad. Saying so will make me one.

Dini @dinelltk

To see my kids happy is my biggest happiness

Laboni das @dlaboni22

My kids are my biggest happiness.

Ashu @sentientones

A lot of things make me happy. The blooming flowers, twinkling eyes of my students, my words, spending time with loved ones. All of them make me happy

Namita @namitaj68

Living within the system but finding my corner in it to stand straight.

Tarang Sinha @TrangSinha

The first thing would be solitude and silence and then doing my own thing without any interruption. No matter how sad/upset/frustrated I am, leave me alone, I’ll be okay. So it not only makes me happy, it also calms my nerves.

Then books, of course. Reading a beautiful, engrossing is a joyful activity. Buying books.

Buying art materials. When I paint something and it turns out well.

When I write something nice (I mean I like it). Nature. Sunshine. I don’t travel much, so watching soothing travel videos. Soothing songs. And of course, my kid (well most of the time. :)), his drawings, his reading habit, his caring nature etc.

समुंदर…    @nicky667

I think the small things of life are the ones which give me the most happiness. Those are precious. Some more things that make me happy are tea, music, intellectual conversations, fighting with my boss and off course chirping of the birds.



Yes, every day is your day. 8th of March is just an official acknowledgement.