If you have ever been damaged, you might have wanted to walk on to the path of healing. You know it by now that healing doesn’t mean just becoming functional as per the society. It is about feeling healed from inside, to have a life that feels fulfilling to the self.

So, does healing mean you will be happy for no reason? Does it mean you will forget all the trauma of your life? The point of healing is not to forget the past but to understand that whatever happened in the past is true. And still moving ahead with life.

What it won’t look like

Healing won’t look like losing weight or chopping off your hair. You won’t want to run around being happy for no reason. There will be no music in the background.  And you won’t suddenly develop a singing talent and start singing on top of your voice. Maybe people close to you won’t even notice it initially. You may not feel happier but certainly you will feel lighter. Yes, you will know from inside when the weight will be lifted. Even if it will be just a bit of it.

You won’t get any super powers, that life won’t be able to affect you negatively again. Life may knock you down from time to time. And you will have to take care of your emotional self every time it does so. Because that’s how it is. It is life and it never promises a bump less ride. Even after you feel healed. Even after you feel that you have done all the hard work. Life may come back with its demons and you will have to work on it. Yes, healing will be a lot of work but don’t worry, it will be worth it. And you will know that, once your emotional self will start smiling.

Wish you all the best for your healing journey.
And yes, Happy Holidays