Poetry is my first love so how come I have not mentioned anything about Bollywood poetry on my blog yet? Yes, I mean the gem of the lyrics, our song writers have given us.

That day I was watching Golmaal when the song “aane wala pal jaane wala he…” got me thinking.  This song has always been my favourite, the way it defines time is just amazing. I started thinking of other such songs which talk about time and its mysteries.

I could think of 4 such songs. I know there are many more but I am unable to recall them at the moment. So if  you love music and philosophy, here’s a treat for you.

Aanewala pal janewala hai,
Aanewala pal janewala hai.
Ho sake toh isme zindagi bita do,
Pal jo yeh janewala hai.
ho ho…

Lyrics- Gulzar, Singer- Kishore Kumar
Music-RD Burman, Movie-Golmaal


Zindagi ke safar mein,
Guzar jaate hain jo makaam.
Woh phir nahi aate,
Woh phir nahi aate.

Lyrics- Anand Bakshi, Singer-Kishore Kumar
Music- RD Burman, Movie-Aap ki Kasam


Aage bhi jaane na tu,
peeche bhi jaane na tu.

Jo bhi hai, bas yahi ek pal hai.
Aage bhi jaane na tu, pichhe bhi jaane na tu.

Lyrics-Sahir Ludhianvi, Singer-Asha Bhosle
Music- Ravi shankar sharma, Movie- Waqt


Mai pal do pal ka shayar hu,
Pal do pal meri kahani hai.
Pal do pal meri hasti hai,
Pal do pal meri jawani hai.

Lyrics- Sahir Ludhianvi, Singer-Mukesh
Music-Khayyam, Movie- Kabhi Kabhi

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