“Hi it’s me Nisha, remember we went to the same school?”
“Yes, can’t believe you are here,” said Ranveer.
“I can’t believe it either. So, you are a surgeon now?”
“Yes, but what brings you here?”
“My daughter has a surgery and I was told, you are the surgeon.”
“Oh, I will take good care of her.”

In the Doctor’s Room

“I Told you Amit, she must be married by now. Look she has a daughter. Good that I am leaving for America tomorrow itself, right after the surgery. I can’t stay in this place where I spent all my childhood just loving her.”

In the Waiting Area
From a distance Nisha looked at Ranveer. He was talking to a fellow doctor in his room.

“How I wish I would have told him about my feelings back then. He must be married by now. That’s why I adopted Shreya as I knew I can’t give his place to any other man.” She said to herself.

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