Jay saw her enter the bar alone. As she caught him staring, she went ahead and introduced herself, “hi I am Ria.”
He looked uncomfortable, so Ria thought to make the first move. “A drink?” she asked.

Jay’s phone rang and he answered, “will be home soon sweetie.”

Irritated, Ria blurted, “I thought you were serious about this roleplay thing?”
“Yes, but the kids need us,” he mumbled.


The Proposal

Eagerly waiting for Sid at the coffee shop; Niharika was blushing and couldn’t wait any longer. The meeting was special and all she could do was to think about the surprise. Soon Sid reached the café and both smiled at each other.

As he took his chair next to Niharika and tried to say something to fill in the quietness of the place. She knew what he wanted to know and couldn’t wait any longer.

Excited, she said, “yes he proposed!”


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