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If you are a regular visitor to my blog or even if you are here for the first time, you must have got the idea that I love poetry. In fact I had been in love with all forms of poetry since I was a kid. Firstly let me tell you, from now on you will be able to read new poetry every fortnight on my blog. You can mark these dates as the 1st and 16th of every month.
If you are a poetry lover do stop by. Apart from this I will be sharing a lot with you, however don’t have a set schedule for those posts.

What’s in Store
I feel that poetry is the form of art which can convey intense emotions with little words. And at times the lesser the words the more intense this art gets. It is more a way for me to express deep emotions.  Also, helps me express my life experiences beautifully.
I don’t believe that any one particular form of poetry is better than the other. I think free verse is equally beautiful as a rhyme scheme poem is. And a haiku is as beautiful as a sonnet can be. There’s no comparison. You can also see, I don’t believe in using difficult words which can only be understood by literary geniuses.  Be rest assured that you won’t come across words that will want you to  look for a dictionary. This poetry is for people like you and me who are looking forward to read something  beautiful yet light. As I believe beauty is not just a by product of complicity. But Simplicity is beautiful in its own way.

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