As the peppy music reached her ears, Sneha knew that the party had begun. It was one of those days when she craved for Rohit’s touch, badly. Just then, she saw him enter the hotel lobby. Rohit’s sight gave her an adrenal rush, all she wanted to do was to rush towards him and feel his body close to hers.

Rohit smiled as he saw the glitter in those eyes. He couldn’t wait to present Sneha with her favorite flowers.

“Hope you will enjoy the party?” said Sanjay as Rohit handed over the flowers to Sneha.
“Thank you,” Sneha said.
“A very happy anniversary to both of you,” said Rohit.



“You know who I just met at the home decor section of this super market? Sanjana!” Said Gaurav, picking up his stuff from the billing counter.
“You both are surely made for each other,” Anish replied.

“You see that girl over there, she is Sanjana,” Gaurav said while pointing his hand towards a point in distance. “That girl, the one wearing a yellow dress with black stilettoes,” he emphasized.
“Are you talking about the girl with a purple bag?” Anish asked.
“Exactly,” Gaurav said, while stuffing his purchase in a jute bag. “I will be waiting for you in the car,” he added and walked towards the exit of the store.

“Are you confused as there’s no such girl across the aisle?” Anish said as he sensed the uneasiness of the person at the billing counter.
“Yes, why did you…”
“You mean why did I agree, I could see a girl there?”
“His girlfriend died a year ago at a shooting at this super market. It was a Wednesday and he comes here every Wednesday to meet her.”



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