When I looked inside there was a big hole,
I could not find my soul.
Everyone said it was destiny,
But I believed It can’t be my testimony.

It was bad,
And I was sad.
Yet I chose to fight,
As it was my right.

I wanted to walk a mile a mile now,
But the question came up how.
I strived to find my road,
Even though there was so much of load.

Soon I realised I was heading a wrong direction,
There needed to be some correction.
I turned back just to find myself alone,
Everything there looked so blown.

I searched for solace,
But there was no such place.
Now the road became steep,
And I wanted to weep.

There was time I wanted to quit,
But I thought it’s just another bit.
I carried on in the dark,
And waited for the spark.

I am still walking,
Even though it kept on hurting.
Even if the road is steep,
And there no leap.

Even if the night is dark,
And it’s getting hard.
I refuse to quit,
As I believe it’s just another bit.