Swati Khatri

This path may lead to dead end,
Or somewhere good it may end?
I think there are different ways,
And what I decide is where it lays.

At times I decide to head a path,
And convince myself to just start.
But what if till I reach it will be night,
And a clear decision won’t be in sight.

What if there will be a choice,
But I won’t be that wise?
If I get a dead end,
Will there be a chance to amend?

I am scared of the loss,
And wonder what if the next step is just chaos?
So, I wish time would not move,
But it is the thing that can never be removed.

But I can’t see beyond the peak,
But that is not the only thing I have to seek.
May be the voices today will disappear tomorrow,
And what if the question will be.” why I didn’t release the arrow.”