Swati Khatri

I have walked a long distance,
In search of my existence.
I have left my traces,
At many different places.

I walked from shore to shore,
In search of my chore.
I walked from valley to valley,
In search of my alley.

I moved from slope to slope,
In search of something to cope.
I moved from peak to peak,
To search a place that was not bleak.

At the shore,
I found a part of my chore.
At the slope,
I was left with something to cope.

But there was something in each,
Which went out of my reach.
Something was always left not complete
It seemed a part of me was incomplete

The slope the shore the valley,
But nothing could actually tally.
I have walked all directions,
In search of my reflections.

But still I just see my traces,
With me are some empty spaces.
I walked by the side,
But there was nothing beside.

Soon I found an ocean,
In search of a different notion.
I am searching for a meaning,
But something is still remaining.