Mark Manson is one of my favourite writers. That day, I was going through his blog and realised that he really speaks wisdom.  Here are a few of his quotes which I thought were worth sharing.   

Choosing a romantic partner isn’t just about the romance—you’re also choosing a confidant, counselor, career advisor, therapist, investor, teacher, travel buddy, roommate, best friend, and business partner. Choose wisely.

Perfection does not exist. Only progress.

Responsibility is power. When you decide someone else is responsible for your life—be it a person, a job, a government—you give them power over your life. When you decide you are responsible for your life, you give yourself power over your life.

It doesn’t necessarily ever get easier. You just get better at managing what’s hard.

Sometimes, it’s supposed to hurt. That’s life’s way of making sure we don’t fucking do it again

The most useful skill I developed when I was young, without even realizing it, is a complete and utter willingness to embarrass myself. If you’re okay looking like an idiot, you become unstoppable.

Maybe the problem isn’t that people let you down. Maybe the problem was the pedestals you put them on.


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